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Welcome to Herbal Energy…

Established over 10 years ago (as herbalife distributors) we specialised in helping people lose weight, gain weight and improve sport results...

We stock the full range of herbalife products, have very fast delivery and will dispatch orders the same day (if placed before 3 pm)

As UK based herbalife distributors we have helped thousands of people in all shapes & sizes : fast metabolism, slow metabolism, poor appetite, skip meals, snack, do exercise, play sport....

Based on our experience we will help you get the best possible results.

All herbalife shakes, products and plans include one to one advice, individually developed step by step herbalife diet plan & support.


Herbalife diet products are very easy to use and automatically include detailed usage information.

However (in addition) all products & plans include personalised advice – designed to help you get the best results based on your individual circumstances.

Weightloss – Do you skip meals ? Eat snacks ? Do exercise ? Have specific issues like low metabolism, food allergies. Are you male/female. How tall are you, how much do you want to lose, specific time frame ?

Weightgain – Do you want to gain weight ‘all-over’?, poor appetite or poor absorption ? Do you go to the gym or play sport ? Do you have a physically demanding job, work in an office, Busy mum, Student….

Sport – How often do you play or train ? How intense and how long ? Play for fun or a Professional Athlete ? Which sports do you play ? Maybe need help with home exercise or training for the next World Championships ?

When you order any herbalife product (in the UK or any other country) we provide you with a personalised programme designed around your individual circumstances & objectives

– to help you use the herbalife products for maximum effect.

To order herbalife products you need to register on this site.

We ship to more than 70 countries worldwide and the herbalife product range varies from country to country
- so that we can provide you with the right herbalife products we simply ask people to register,

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