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    4 week diet plans

    The 4 week diet plans

    We designed this site to focus on 4 week diet plans designed for weight loss, running and weight gain.

    With particular emphasis on shakes with shake recipes, advice on how to make shakes & the best ingredients to use. As well as plans, hints and tips.

    Which is why this site will focus on how to make the best shakes & smoothies

    Because the ‘secret’ to getting the best possible results is to use exactly the right type of shake, in the right way using a plan designed to work for you.

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      Shake & Smoothie recipes

      Herbalife Cambridge shakes

      If you want to make shakes and smoothies as past of your 4 week diet plans then our step by step guides and recipes are a great starting point.

      Shake & Smoothie Recipes A-Z

      The 21 Day Weight Loss Plan

      This is the most popular of the 4 week diet plans – and will show you how to get started and see a difference within only 21 day.

      The 21 day weight loss plan

      Running and sport Plans

      Adding shakes or smoothies to your diet can make a real difference if you are into running or any sport. Either as meal replacement or before and after exercise.

      starting running

      Running and Sport Plans

      Weight Gain & Body Building

      If you want to gain weight then shakes & smoothies are ideal. Whether you simply want to look ‘less thin’ or are into serious body and shape building. We have specialised 4 week diet plans that will show you what to do and how.

      Weight Gain Plans