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My name is Minze Vries and I’ve been an independent Herbalife Cambridge distributor for well over 16 years. As Herbalife coach I work by:

  • Providing individual ‘one to one’ advice
  • And a personalised action plan.
  • Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight or get better sport results.

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4 week diet plans

This site is designed to provide Herbalife diet plans, advice, recipes and information. But all the Herbalife products can be ordered direct from Herbalife’s warehouse. More Details

The 4 week Herbalife diet plans

We designed this site to focus on 4 week diet plans designed for weight loss, running and weight gain.

With particular emphasis on shakes with shake recipes, advice on how to make shakes & the best ingredients to use. As well as plans, hints and tips.

4 week diet plans work and are very effective

I have been using protein & speciality shakes to help clients lose & gain weight for over 16 years. And the one thing I’ve especially enjoyed is using shake mix powder to make delicious and specialised shakes to achieve specific objectives. Whether it’s weight loss, weight gain or even getting better running or parkour results.

Which is why this site will focus on how to make the best shakes & smoothies

Because the ‘secret’ to getting the best possible results is to use exactly the right type of shake, in the right way using a plan designed to work for you.

  • For example if you want to lose weight
    • Then it’s not only about replacing meals with a shake, but also adding exactly the right amount of protein.
  • Similarly if you want to gain weight & ‘fill out’
    • Then the key is to add the right type of extra calories at the right time, and in addition helping your body convert these calories into extra weight.

That is why our shake recipes include not only nutritional informations but also advice on the best liquids to use and items (like fruit) to add.

Most Popular Articles

I am an Herbalife Cambridge distributor but all the products are available on line. You can either order Herbalife online or the articles & guides below will you get started:

Shake & Smoothie recipes

Herbalife Cambridge shakes

If you want to make shakes and smoothies as past of your 4 week diet plans then our step by step guides and recipes are a great starting point.

Shake & Smoothie Recipes A-Z

The 21 Day Weight Loss Plan

This is the most popular of the 4 week diet plans – and will show you how to get started and see a difference within only 21 day.

The 21 day weight loss plan

Running and sport Plans

starting running

Adding shakes or smoothies to your diet can make a real difference if you are into running or any sport. Either as meal replacement or before and after exercise.

Running and Sport Plans

Weight Gain & Body Building

If you want to gain weight then shakes & smoothies are ideal. Whether you simply want to look ‘less thin’ or are into serious body and shape building. We have specialised 4 week diet plans that will show you what to do and how.

Weight Gain Plans

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