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New Herbalife order site

We have a new Herbalife order site – with all the products & plans.

More Details

Because this site is changing

As a Herbalife distributor I’ve been using protein & speciality shakes to help clients lose & gain weight for over 16 years.

The aspect I’ve especially enjoyed is using shake mix powder to make delicious and specialised shakes to achieve specific objectives. Whether it’s weight loss, weight gain or even getting better running or parkour results.

Which is why this site will focus on how to make the best shakes & smoothies (with all the products available from my new order site)

Because the ‘secret’ to getting the best possible results is to use exactly the right type of shake, in the right way using a plan designed to work for you.

  • For example if you want to lose weight
    • Then it’s not only about replacing meals with a shake, but also adding exactly the right amount of protein.
  • Similarly if you want to gain weight & ‘fill out’
    • Then the key is to add the right type of extra calories at the right time, and in addition helping your body convert these calories into extra weight.

That is why our shake mix products include full detailed usage instructions, in addition we will provide you with a personalised plan.

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