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Welcome to our site

This is our site for ordering products for delivery within the UK.

Do you live elsewhere (USA, South Africa, India, etc.) ?

Herbalife products are available in over 90 countries – we currently only supply to customers in the UK.

But why not order direct from Herbalife in your country ?

  • Products delivered from your local depot
  • Save from 20 to 50 %.
  • And still get help, advice & support


How to start

21 day action plan

In order to order direct you need to register with Herbalife as a preferred member – this is easy and straightforward.

Most people join to buy the products in order to save money (And to order direct from Herbalife).

In most cases there is an initial small cost in registering as a member, but this varies from country to country.

The easiest way to find out more is to select your country below & then you will be directed to the Herbalife Member site in your country.

Very important:

busy people plan

The only way to access the information and/or to join Herbalife is by having a current member ‘sponsor’ you.

If you would like us to sponsor you, then simply use the information below to access your local Herbalife site.

  • Sponsors ID – 07158538
  • 1st 3 Letters : vri

If you click on your country below then you will be directed to your local Herbalife site. (But do make a note of the details above)


More information on the Membership club

If you can’t see your country, would like advice or information on the membership club first please don’t hesitate to contact us