Fibre and Herb

Unique mixture of selected fibres and high-quality herbs.

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Key Facts

Fibre and Herb tablets
  • High in soluble fibre to help optimise your digestive health
  • Supports the body’s natural elimination of wastes and toxins
  • A natural appetite suppressant, controlling cravings for specific foods
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Why use fibre and herb ?

The unique mixture of selected fibres and high-quality herbs is ideal as part of a plan during a weight control as well as a wellness program.

Many people lack fibre in their diets.

Fibre promotes digestive health, helps maintain bowel regularity and normal colonic function. It also helps to speed up the passage of food and eliminate toxins from the body.

Fibre Supplement

Studies suggest that Western diets are low in fibre; the average adult consumption of fibre is typically around 17g per day in Europe. Yet it is recommended your body needs 25 to 30g of fibre to optimise your digestive system.

Recommended Usage

Two tablets to be taken three times daily with each meal.

Nutritional Information:

Key Ingredient Properties:

  • Oat Fibre (soluble) – extra high in soluble fibre.  Oats are beneficial to the colon and good for allaying flatulence and upset stomach. Research shows that regular inclusion of oat husk in the diet is highly effective, suppressing blood cholesterol. It also helps to keep blood sugar and insulin levels steady. Oat fibre increases fecal bulk, benefiting he colon in many ways, including alleviation constipation. As the intestinal track begins to function more efficiently, wastes leave the body and weight reduction can follow.
  • Black Sesame Seeds are nutritious and contain vitamin E, folic acid, nicotinic acid and minerals (especially calcium): general tonic.
  • Mung Beans – Asian bean plant grown for food. Good source of protease inhibitors.
  • Fennel – Helps to prevent the build up of wastes in the body; among other properties, Herbalists regard fennel as a digestive aid.
  • Chamomile – Known for its calming effect on smooth muscle tissue. Good for assisting the natural digestive process.
  • Mint – Reputed to lessen the amount of time food spends in the stomach, by stimulating the gastric lining.
  • Parsley – A good tonic where the digestion is sluggish. Rich source of Vitamin C.
  • Orange Blossom – Soothing properties.
  • Hibiscus Flower – A useful tonic.
  • Papaya Fruit – Contains proteolytic enzymes that breakdown protein. Good for relieving indigestion..

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