Formula 1 Express Bar


Ideal meal when you can’t make a shake.

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The herbalife formula 1 express barherbalife-formula1-bar

Do you love using Herbalife but find it’s not always convenient to make a shake?

The herbalife formula 1 express bars may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Enjoy the following benefits:

  • 207 calories.
  • Can be used for meal-replacement, as part of a calorie controlled diet.
  • Suitable for vegetarians.
  • Low GI – Provides you with sustained energy.


Herbalife’s Healthy Meal Bar

Formula 1 is now available in a delicious chocolate-chip bar, providing you with all the benefits you love in our F1 shakes, but in the convenience of an individually wrapped bar.

Achieving a balanced and nutritious healthy meal conveniently is a challenge especially when living a hectic lifestyle. So we have developed a healthy meal bar with you in mind. Whether a healthy meal or for weight control, herbalife formula 1 express bar is convenient for getting a nutritionally balanced complete meal in a bar.

Its high fibre, soy protein and plant based carbohydrates gives sustained energy and helps to keep you fuller for longer. With only 207 Kcal and low Gi it’s suitable for vegetarians, and formulated in accordance with the Meal Replacement EU Directive.

Wherever you are….what ever you are doing just tear it open and enjoy it.

  • Incredibly convenient meal in a bar for those on the go!
  • So make that a shake for breakfast and a meal replacement bar for lunch.
  • High fibre( 8.1g) and protein(13.4g) for sustained energy and to keep you fuller for longer.
  • Contains 25 different vitamins and minerals.
  • Protein, fibre and nutrients are typical deficiencies in many peoples diets. Very rarely ever carbs! The recommended fibre intake is 25-30g per day. For protein, this is part of the personalised programme you receive from us.
  • It’s not a snack, it’s not a treat, it’s an F1 meal in a bar, no more spillages when away from home!


The herbalife formula 1 express bars keep you going for longer without feeling the need to snack!

Healthy Meal Bars, Box of 7 Bars

2 Great Flavours :

  • Chocolate
  • Red Fruit & Yoghurt

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Chocolate, Red Fruit & Yoghurt