Vitamin A, C and E tablets combined with vegetables & herbs.



Key Benefits

  • Provides 100% of your vitamin A and C RDA to support a healthy immune system.
  • High in vitamin E to help protect the body’s cells from oxidative stress.
  • Formulated with Rosemary, Cabbage, Broccoli and Carrot Powders along with Turmeric.

Why Herbalife RoseGuard ?

The importance of antioxidants for maintaining good health cannot be understated. Unfortunately, few people get enough antioxidant-rich vegetables and fruits in their daily diet. Roseguard includes the antioxidant properties of rosemary, cruciferous vegetables and other herbs, to help ensure an adequate intake of these vital nutrients.

Maintaining a healthy immune system is important for a healthy and active lifestyle. RoseGuard has been expertly developed to help keep you at your best.

How do you take it ?

One tablet to be taken daily preferably with a meal

30 tablets per jar