Starter Breakfast Kit


The ideal ‘quick & easy’ breakfast.


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The ideal ‘quick & easy’ breakfast

Contains 2 key items:

  • The Formula 1 Shake
  • The Thermo Beverage Beverage


Why does Breakfast Matter ?

Because after approximately 12 hours without fuel, breakfast will be the first source of energy that your body receives.

Skipping this most important of meals (or not eating the right ‘fuel’) means

  • Your body doesn’t have what it needs to perform basic functions,
  • Causing blood sugar levels to drop and you to feel hungry sooner,
  • Which means you’re more likely to reach for unhealthy foods later on.


But it’s not just about whether you eat breakfast or not.

What you eat, and how much, is equally as important. A simple carbohydrate-based breakfast such as toast or pastries does not provide the amount of protein you need in each meal, and may actually make you feel more hungry throughout the day.


The Starter Breakfast Kit

Contains 2 products that will help you start the day in the right way:

Product 1 – The Formula 1 Shake

A very easy to make drink you will look forward to every day.

The formula 1 shake is not ‘thick’ and stodgy to drink – as a direct result you will look forward to adding to your diet. You can blend it with milk, fruit juice, water or even into yoghurt or on cereals.

Available in a number of delicious flavours.

The shakes will fill you up, whilst boosting your energy levels and helping you feel great.


Product 2 – The Thermo Beverage (50g)

Instant, low calorie drink designed to boost energy and hydrate. Delicious hot or cold.

Unlike Tea & Coffee which actually dehydrate your body, the thermojectics beverage from herbalife hydrates the body and counts towards your 2 litre a day water goal.



Each Starter Breakfast Kit includes:

  • Formula 1 – Herbalife’s popular meal replacement shake
  • Thermo Beverage (50g) – An exhilarating beverage designed to help you boost energy. In addition it will count as your ‘fluid intake’. Perfectly delicious hot or cold
  • Full instructions on how to use the products.


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Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Café Latte, Cookies n Cream, Mint Chocolate, Raspberry & Blueberry, Banana Cream, Spiced Apple

Thermo Flavour

Lemon, Peach, Raspberry, Original