Weightgain Quickstart Plan


Very easy plan to gain weight & ‘fill-out’.



The Weightgain Quickstart Plan

weightgain quickstart

The weightgain quickstart plan (shown right) is the ideal plan if you want a very simple & easy way to gain weight

This is our most popular weight gain plan-

  • Designed to help you gain weight
  • In a very easy & enjoyable way

The weightgain quickstart plan is very simple to follow and very effective this plan contains 2 key products:

  • The Formula 1 Shake – to provide extra calories
  • Cell Activator tablets – to help your body convert


How to use this plan

If you want to gain weight then all you do is.

  1. Eat your main meals as normal – continue eating your meals as normal
  2. In addition drink a weight gain shake after your meals. – You can make the shakes with either milk, fruit juice or water to suit your own tastes.
  3. And also – with your meals simply take a cell activator tablet to help boost the way you absorb food – so you gain the maximum amount of benefit from everything you eat.


Why does it work ?

The weightgain quickstart plan tackles the 2 key hurdles to gaining weight – Absorption and Energy Balance

1. Absorption


Because it’s not what you eat, but what you absorb that counts. 

If you are not absorbing to the max then you won’t be getting the maximum benefit from the food you eat which will slow down your weight gain.

Absorption can be affected by many factors:

  • Smoking,
  • Alcohol,
  • Stress,
  • Medication,
  • Even items like coffee, process foods and fizzy drinks.


The plan contains Cell Activator which will help you give yourself a clean sponge again !

You pick up a sponge & wipe the cooker & the work surface etc, and the sponge is full of grease & absolutely filthy. If you try to use this sponge to wipe up anything else, it’s so clogged it can’t absorb any more.

This is what people’s insides are like after years of bad diet & pollution etc. Cell Activator enables you to absorb the nutrients from the food you eat more efficiently and allows your digestive system to work more efficiently, which in turn helps you to be healthier & more energetic.

2. Extra Calories

You need to regularly take in more calories than you burn.

To put on weight you need to eat at least an extra 500 calories per day over and above what you are eating now; but where these are sourced from are just as important as how much.

Ideally they need to come from easily absorbed carbohydrates – and ideally as healthy as possible (i.e vitamins, minerals, etc.).

The healthier you are, the more success you will have in gaining weight.

Herbalife’s Formula 1 extra calorie shake will provide you with an extra 500 calories per day (if taken 3 times per day). The advantage is that these are in a healthy easy to absorb for

The Weightgain Quickstart Plan


  • 1 x Formula 1 – Nutritional Shake Mix : Delicious and nutritious shakes which will provide the extra calories you need to put on weight.
  • 1 x Cell Activator – Assists absorption and utilisation of nutrients : Containing a blend of specially selected vitamins, minerals & herbs will help you get the maximum amount of benefit from the food you eat. Take this capsule with your meals.
  • Personalised Weight Gain Plan – Designed to work for you it will show you key items you need to focus on to get the best possible weight gain results.

So how do you use the plan?

There are 3 different methods :

Method 1 – Normal Start

The Quickstart Plan contains 2 products which are described in more detail on this site :

  • Formula 1
  • Cell Activator

The Cell Activator will help boost the way your body absorbs nutrients from the food you eat. The results will depend on your current absorption rates – some people already have great absorption rates and it won’t have that much of an impact. On the other hand some people have poor absorption rates and we have seen dramatic changes.

It is impossible to predict but as a ‘quick’ rule of thumb if you have a very healthy diet (with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables) drink plenty of still water, have very little stress and get enough sleep then your absorption rates will probably be ok. On the other hand if your lifestyle isn’t that great then consider cell activator.

  • Day 1 – We recommend you start using Cell Activator from Day 1 – just 1 tablet 3 times per days with a glass of water with meals.
  • Day 8 – Give the formula 2 one week to work and then also start using the Formula 1 Drink. Take the Formula 1 3 times per day with meals.

Method 2 – Faster

For faster results you can start using Formula 1 from Day 1. We always believe that giving the formula 2 a bit of time has benefit, but on the other hand the extra calories will hasten results.

But do note you will need to reorder the formula 1 quicker (if you take it three times per day one tub of formula 1 will last exactly 21 days)

Method 3 – Sport or Turbo

The top 2 methods are specially designed if you want to gain weight all over (“fill out a bit”) without going to the gym or lifting weights. It will help you put on weight all over.

But if you play sport or go to the Gym then you will need to follow a sports nutrition plan.
(when you order the products you get automatically directed to our unique detailed weight gain site which provides you with step by step advice on sports nutrition)

Again you will probably use the formula 1 a lot quicker as you are adding at least one shake for every time you train / play

To get the fastest possible results using the plan :

  1. Cell Activator as normal (3 times per day with meals)
  2. Formula 1 as normal (3 times per day with meals – but start from day 1)
  3. Follow the advice on meals and snacking from our more detailed weight gain site. (access automatically included with orders from this site) If you are having problems getting the right snacks then you can add another one or two shakes per day but do note it can work out expensive
  4. Follow the meal advice on our more detailed site
  5. Weight Training in the Gym (if you want to get a great shape)


Additional information

Formula 1 Flavour

Vanilla Cream, Smooth Chocolate, Strawberry Delight, Cookie Crunch, Banana Cream, Café Latte, Mint & Chocolate, Spiced Apple


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