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The 3 Weight Gain Shakes

The Formula 1 Shake

(Most Popular)herbalife weight gain shake

Free From

No Gluten, Lactose or Soy


Ideal for the Gym / Sport


The 3 Most Popular Plans

Weight Gain Quickstart

Eat Normally ?

weight gain quickstart plan

Weight Gain Extra Calorie

Skip Meals ?

weight gain extra calorie plan

Weight Gain High Protein

Go to the Gym, play sport ?



10 years weight gain experience…

We have helped (and provided advice) to over 10,000 people looking to gain weight. The plans are easy to follow, and very effective. Simply follow the links for more information.

Herbalife products are ideal to be used as weight gain products.

The key is to add a balance of healthy calories, and helping your body convert calories into extra weight. All weight gain products on this site include a personalised plan.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice.

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Weight Gain Products & Plans

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