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10 Years Weight Gain Experience

We specialise in helping people gain weight.

And designed the weight gain shake plan as a very easy way to gain weight.

It will work if you want to re-gain lost weight, or if you have been underweight all your life.

3 Ways we can help:

1. Order the Products & Shakes online

Click Here to view all our weight gain products & shakes, or below are our 3 most popular weight gain shake plans

Containing Herbalife’s key products the plans are easy to follow,and very effective.


Weight Gain Quickstart

Most Popular

weight gain quickstart plan

Weight Gain Extra Calorie

Skip Meals / Poor Appetite?

weight gain extra calorie plan

Weight Gain High Protein

Go to the Gym, play sport ?


2. Step by Step Advice & information.

On our site you will find step by step advice, such as…


3. Your own plan….

We specialise in helping our clients on a ‘one to one’ basis to get the best possible results.

Whether you simply want to gain a bit of weight (look ‘less thin’) or are into serious body building, we can provide you with a personalised plan.

Showing you exactly what to do and the key items to focus on.

All the plans & products on our site easy to use but why not let us email you a personalised weight gain shake plan ?

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Weight Gain Products & Plans