The Easy Weight Gain System

We have over 10 years experience in helping people gain weight.

And have helped over 10,000 people gain weight by providing products, plans & one to one advice.

There are 3 ways we can help you gain weight.


1 – Our Most Popular Shake

If you just want a very simple & easy way to gain weight..

Then the Formula 1 Shake (shown right) contains the ideal level of calories to gain weight.

You can blend it with anything you like (Water, Juice, Milk..) and then simply drink after meals.

Designed to be easily absorbed, it’s ‘quick & easy’ to make and ideal for gaining weight.

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2 – Ready Made Plans

The formula 1 above is an easy way to add the right type of extra calories.

But sometimes you might need to add extra products, based on your lifestyle and objectives.

In which case why not have a look at our ready made plans.

For example:

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3 – One to One Advice

If you are not sure how to gain weight, or the best plan for you.

Why not let us recommend a plan – which will show you what to do and when.

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Why Herbalife for Gaining Weight ?

There are very many different weight gain products & plans.

The key advantage of herbalife is that it’s much more than a ‘shop’ – where we are trained to provide you with the best possible advice.

For example:

  • Most of our customers simply want to gain weight (‘look less thin‘),
  • Which requires a completely different weight gain plan to the ‘high protein’ drinks sold to body builders.

Similarly the plan you use needs to reflect your own personal likes & lifestyle. Do you eat lot or little, burn much energy during the day, work shifts, skip breakfast, etc.

That is why all weight gain products on this site include a personalised plan.

All the plans & products on our site easy to use but why not let us email you a personalised weight gain recommendation ?

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