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Delivery Information

The products should be with you within 2 to 4 working days. We either use a courier or Royal Mail – don’t worry if there is no one at home as they will leave a card to rearrange delivery (either at a more suitable time or you can collect it from your local post office).

Very important

The products can be used for different objectives (improve sport results, lose or gain weight, healthy diet, etc.)

We will email you specific instructions on how to use the products you ordered – to get maximum weight gain results. (as well as a link if you want to access this page at a later stage)

Use the emailed instructions as they have been designed for weight gain.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if in any doubt.

How to use the products

Cell Activator / Formula 2

The healthier you are the better your body will be absorbing nutrients from the food you eat.

  • Cell Activator will help boost the way your body absorbs nutrients from the food you eat.
  • Formula 2 provides extra vitamins & minerals – Simply take one tablet three times per day after meals.


Formula 1

Very important ignore the label when you get the products !!

To get the best results use the information below :

If you take it 3 times per day then a tub of Formula 1 will last you exactly 21 days – if you are using it faster than you are using to much powder.

You need to use 2 level dessert spoons – “medium” sizes spoons and blend this with anything you enjoy – for example if you blend it with 250 ml semi-skimmed milk it will provide you with 217 calories. (The ideal level)

We don’t recommend simply mixing it in a glass – while stirring with a spoon. It will taste significantly better if you either shake it by hand in a sealed flask, use a mini-blender, or an upright blender. When you do that the final product will froth up readily, and have a smooth creamy consistency.

Protein Powder

Only add into the shake for Exercise, Physically demanding work or the Gym

  • 30 mins before exercise: Formula 1(half quantity) in juice or water to “Fuel” – gain weight drink plus added Protein Powder Supplement
  • 30 mins after workout: Formula 1 (half quantity) in juice or water to “Refuel”- gain weight drink plus added Protein Powder Supplement


Weight Gain Quickstart / Complete Plans

If you’ve ordered both products (usually formula 1 + cell activator) there are 3 different methods :

Method 1 – Normal Start

Day 1

We recommend you start using Cell Activator (and / or Formula 2) from Day 1.

Day 8

Give the cell activator 1 week to work and then start using the Formula 1 Drink.
Take the Formula 1 three times per day with meals.


Method 2 – Faster

For faster results you can start using Formula 1 from Day 1. We always believe that giving the cell activator a bit of time has benefit, but on the other hand the extra calories will hasten results.

But do note you will need to reorder the formula 1 quicker (it will last 21 days)


Method 3 – Sport or Turbo

If you play sport or go to the Gym then you will need to follow a sports nutrition plan (click here for details) Again you will probably use the formula 1 a lot quicker as you are adding at least one shake for every time you train / play

To get the fastest possible results using the plan :

  • Cell activator as normal (3 times per day with meals)
  • Formula 1 as normal (3 times per day with meals – but start from day 1)
  • Weight Training in the Gym


Your own Personal Weight Gain Plan

The products work without you having to make any changes to your diet or lifestyle, simply use them as described below….
– However all products automatically also include a free personal weight gain recommendation
(if you want to know what else you can do to boost results)

To get a plan simply fill in the questionnaire and we will email you a plan within 24 to 48 hours.

To get started please :

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Weight Gain Recommendation

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